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Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda and Christian Louboutin ss13 campaign

No my beloved frontrowers,i didn’t forget you. I have been super busy, like crazy busy due to my exams and my work. I am writting fashion\gossip\deco related articles for a website and a newspaper and its amazing. Anyways, the thing is i love you all to death and im totes ¬†gonna try to write more stuff in the blog as well ,starting today. Im sure you know it but the last month we had the men’s fashion weeks and then the Haute Couture weeks, which i absolutely loved. Almost all of the couture shows were amazing( Valentino rocked my socks off) but today im gonna give you some pictures from the¬†Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda show. God i loved what i saw, which is just some pictures due to the exclusivity of the show. Who knows maybe some day ill be seeing it live, fingers crossed! In another note, i also loved the Louboutin SS13 ad campaign. Its totes different from most of the stuff we see but thats a good thing. Love you all, ill be back soon xoxo






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